The Convertibles have been around in one form or another since 1985, always as a Blues, Rock & Soul Review with Dominic Yancey the constant member throughout on trombone and lead vocals.  Below are the talented members that make up today’s incarnation of The Convertibles.




Chris plays trumpet, is an educator, composer and active LA musician. Chris is from Hawaii where he graduated from the UH with a Bachelors in Music Composition and holds a Masters in Secondary Education from LMU. As an educator, he looks for new ways to engage his students and share his wealth of knowledge and experience. Chris is relaxed and confident with a great attitude which is just one of the reasons why The Convertibles and his students love him.



Bass & Background Vocals

Danny was introduced to the bass by Timothy B Schmit at age 15, then while majoring in music at ARC, joined the band Funk'n Jive and worked the West Coast club circuit for years until joining Double Entente who landed a record contract with Columbia Records. Double Entente produced the single "Sleeping Dogs" which climbed to #4 on Billboard's Dance Charts 1984. Danny provides a perfect "bottom" from which the band get their unstoppable groove.

Music is Joey Archie’s heart & soul and it shines through effortlessly every time Joey takes the stage with The Convertibles.



Joey is a superb trumpet player and is highly driven and passionate in his musical pursuits. There is an incredibly captivating groove to the way he plays. He’s a perfectionist and has achieved a high level of technique and skill, practicing sometimes after The Convertibles gigs or between sets. Joey has built a reputation as a lyrical musician whose elegance and warm, silky tone have turned him into a reference for trumpet players. Music is Joey’s heart and soul and it shines through effortlessly every time he takes the stage.

Tony Capko is one of Southern California’s premier drummers and he is also a founding member of The Convertibles.



Tony Capko is one of So. Cal's premier drummers. He is a graduate of Musicians Institute and was the Percussive Arts Society Rudimental Drum Champion. Tony’s versatility has him playing music from Big Band Orchestra and Jazz Combos to Funk, Latin and Rock with artists such as Gina Eckstine, Allen Rich (Son of Charlie Rich), The Convertibles, Fabian, Johnny Paycheck, Neil McCoy, Steve Warner, The Drifters and Jim Lauderdale.

Dominic Yancey is The Convertibles original founding member, bandleader, arranger, vocalist and trombonist.


Trombone, Lead & Background Vocals

Dominic is the band leader/music director/arranger/trombonist and one of the lead vocalists for The Convertibles. As a trombonist Dominic is adept in all facets of playing with the ability to execute flawless music whether it’s a rehearsed piece or an improvisational solo. As a lead singer Dominic’s vocals are powerful, soulful and full of attitude with a tone that makes you want to hear him sing more.

Pamela is a Bay Area native who dazzles audiences with her dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals.


Lead Vocalist/Background Vocalist

Pamela is a Bay Area native who dazzles audiences with her dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals. A multitalented performer with international modeling and acting credits and a dance background. Pam has fronted such bands as Divalicious, The Mashtones, Foreverland, and is an original member of the powerhouse Prince tribute, The Purple Ones. Pamela's passion for entertaining comes out not only from her pipes, but in her funky choreography and quirky stage persona, keeping audiences of all ages enthralled.

Casey Loudon’s immense contribution to The Convertibles is in how expresses himself with a addictive melodic approach on guitar.


Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals

Casey in addition being an amazing guitarist is a composer/songwriter/music producer. Casey has made a name for himself playing with members of Allan Holdsworth, the Voice, Steely Dan and other full bands and big bands.. Casey’s guitar work soulfully puts the rock in The Convertibles Rock & Soul and gives The Convertibles soul the edge that makes them so unique, what we like to call The Convertible Twist.

Pedro is The Convertibles soul, funk, alternative crooner. He’s is a gem of authenticity with a style uniquely his own.


Lead Vocalist/Background Vocals

Pedro is The Convertibles soul, funk, alternative crooner and is a gem of authenticity with a style uniquely his own. There is something special about Pedro’s intelligent, intuitive style that's best described as Eclectic Cool. Pedro is both refined and adventurous. His captivating voice is equally matched by his performances that are nothing short of spectacular. Pedro’s unique style, and fearless approach to sharing his story with the world leaves audiences in a better place than they were before they arrived at the venue.

Tom Kowalczyk (TK) known for high energy keyboard rhythm riffs/solos/& keyboard programming & being loved by The Convertibles.


Keyboards, Background Vocals

“TK” Tom Kowalczyk studied piano performance at Oakland University Detroit Michigan. TK moved to California, was recruited by Kurzweil. As the #1 AR/Wholesale Keyboard Rep. TK spent his time in many #1 touring camps. TK is known for his high energy keyboard rhythm riffs/solos/keyboard programming .TK comes to The Convertibles with heavy stage/studio/gear/keyboard chops and is perfectly suited for this talented group of musicians.

Tyler Johnson has a fun, soulful presence. His baritone sax low end is essential to the music style of The Convertibles.


Bari Sax

Tyler plays baritone saxophone, but is just as dynamic playing soprano, alto and tenor saxophone. Tyler is not limited to the saxophone; he also plays the flute, piccolo and clarinet. Tyler has played for Mary Wilson and the Supremes, Robert Goulet, Florence Henderson, Ben Vereen, and Melba Moore and many others.

Pierre Louis - one of the hottest & most soulful saxophonists in LA, playing music that mixes funky rhythms with a rock feel.


Tenor Sax & Background Vocals

Pierre Louis a Pasadena native took an early interest in music and began playing the sax at 10. He continued on with the sax in his teens, while falling in love with R&B. One of the hottest and most soulful saxophonists to be based in LA, Pierre plays music that mixes together jazz improvisation with funky rhythms and a rock feel all with that expressive playing he does so well. His music, whether it is an original or a cover tune, is colorful and infectious. He is a consistent crowd pleaser.

Charles Burns immense contribution to The Convertibles comes in by the way of scorching sax solos and his soulful stage presence.


Tenor & Alto Sax, Background Vocals

If you’re listening to The Convertibles and hear a scorching sax solo, chances are it’s Charles you’re hearing. His work has been heard from New York to L.A., and around the world. He’s currently working toward his Master’s Degree in composition and performance at California Institute of the Arts. Charles says: “The satisfaction I get from witnessing people come together around music, whether in twos or thousands, stems from the connections and community music creates.”